dimanche 3 avril 2016


Collectif Alluvion in collaboration with KABIA Teatro (Spain) present an opportunity to explore the famous Anne Bogart's training method for the development and research of mouvement on the scenic composition.

Led by Borja RUIZ, acclaimed and awarded theater director and researcher.  

For dancers, actors & performers

From 17 to 21 May / 9:30am to 2pm / Brussels

Language english (Français si nécessaire) 

Special offer: 160€ for inscriptions before 01/05 


Viewpoints is a set of principles that provides a tool for development and reserch of movement on the performing arts. Is a collaborative and non-hierarchical method of composition for all scenic creators that was elaborated by the American director Anne Bogart. She developed this training technique influenced by the investigations of the american dancer, Mary Overlie. 

The different "Viewpoints" that will be explored include:
  • Tempo - The speed at which actions occur.
  • Kinesthetic Response - The unexpected moment at which actions occur.
  • Duration - The time between the beginning and the end of an action.
  • Architecture - The relationship between actions and the space where they happen.
  • Spatial Relationship - The significance of the distances between performers.
  • Topography - The design that performers create in space.
  • Repetition
  • Shape - The contour or outline that body (or bodies) makes in space.
  • Gesture - Actions that synthesize daily ideas. 
Throughout the workshop all these viewpoints will be developed individually and in combination. The workshop will propose physical training exercises and improvisation sessions. Improvistaion will take an important role in the work, in order to apply and explore all the possibilities of the viewpoints; and also to trigger the creative instinct of the participants. 

"We met Borja Ruiz in Argentina and we participated to his workshop. He brought our group into long improvisations ruled by the Viewpoints. It was hard and rigorous, but also extremely dynamic and playful because our creative instinct was constently demanded. We took a lot of pleasure in exploring space and mouvement threw this method" Collectif Alluvion - Argentina 2013

Taking this technique as a starting point, as well as Borja Ruiz and his company Kabia Teatro have donne, the workshop will explore the basic elements of performance and it's relationship with performer's training and scenic composition. 

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Venue : Space Belgica – François Mus street 7 (1080 – Brussels) 
Schedule : from 9:30am to 2pm
To enrol please sen your cv to collectifalluvion.theatre@gmail.com 
(english, french or spanish)
Normal Fee : 220€ 
Early Bird Inscription offer : 160€ (For all inscription and full payment untill 01/05)
Observing : 100€

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