mercredi 24 février 2016


 Physical Training Workshop with Jeremy James

 For actors, performers and dancers.

22, 23, 24, 25, 26 MARS - 2016 

Language English (Français si nécessaire)


Collectif Alluvion Théâtre in collaboration with Fuegoártico present a rare training opportunity to work with Jeremy James, internationally acclaimed theatre artist, teacher and former actor in Ariane Mnouchkine's legendary Théâtre du Soleil

"...Jeremy is able to devise approaches that i have searched for throughout my life as an actor. He is a true master, who shares his humanity and insight into theatre at every moment." Juan Antonio Quintana, actor and director, Madrid.  


The workshop aims to develop a practical understanding of the body to enhance the expressive potential of the performer. Physical training is designed to build connections between the body, breath and the imagination. Movement analysis helps identify mannerisms and unlock habitual patterns which impede the effective communication of a story. 

"A truly creative experience. Very liberating and confronting at the same time." Caroline Craig, actress, Sydney. 

Physical preparation is designed to identify habits and interrupt mannerisms which limit the expressive potential of the performer. Observation, training and analysis lead to an economy of movement where each gesture and breath is justified. Structured improvisations awaken connections between the body, breath and the imagination, while providing a framework to see how stories are communicated with immediacy and truth.

The neutral mask of Jacques Lecoq and Amleto Sartori renders the body visible and shows how each movement and breath is powerfully expressive. A rare training tool, the neutral mask ’unmasks’ the actor and reveals the story their body is actually telling. It demonstrates how changes in the rhythm, tension, direction and dimension of movement immediately evoke images and suggest meaning. 

  "A real privilege. I left the courseknowing i'd acquired new tools and tuned the ones i already had." Cassiano Ranzolin, actor, Porto Alegre. 

With no character, no past, no emotion and no conflict, the neutral mask helps the performer understand what it means to be fully present, existing moment by moment, here and now. The training strengthens imaginative, technical and expressive skills, leading to an economy of movement where each gesture is justified. It inscribes a set of physical and conceptual references to support the demands of devised and text-based work.

"It opened a new universe to me. Now i mut keep searching on a quest that has no end." Natalia Chiarelli, actress, Montevideo.


From Tuesday 22 to Saturday 26 of March 2016 (5 days - 20h)
Venue: Studio Joji&Jo - Rue de la Glacière 18, St-Gilles 1060 Brussels
Schedule: from 1:30pm to 6pm.
 To enrol please send your CV to (english, french or spanish)
Normal Fee: 270€
Early bird inscription offer: 230€ (Untill March 15th)
(14 participants)
Observing: 150€ (5 places)

Participants coming from Latin America or East Europe you can apply for the 2 half scholarships that are available before 15/02.  

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